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교수&인재 채용정보


교수&인재 채용정보

부산대학교 Non-Tenure English Language Professor Position


Non–Tenure English Language Professor Position - Pusan National University


Department of Global Studies

College of Economic and International Trade


Number of openings: 1


The Department of Global Studies (DGS) at Pusan National University (PNU) will recruit a qualified candidate for a non-tenure track English Language Professor position. The start date is September 1, 2018.


As the most recent addition to the university’s proud tradition, the DGS offers a challenging, interdisciplinary curriculum taught entirely in English and almost exclusively by native speakers. Please visit our website at http://dgs.pusan.ac.kr/ for additional information.


1) Application documents


For consideration, please send (1) a curriculum vitae, (2) a cover letter and (3) copies of degree certificates by April 30, 2018, to the following e-mail address:


E-mail: mpark0217@gmail.com

Phones: +82.51.510.1628

Fax: +82.51.514.2681


Applications will be evaluated as they come in and the hiring decision may be made before June 1, 2018.


2) Contact Information


If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Miyoung Park at +82-51-510-1628 (phone), +82-51-514-2681 (fax), or via mpark0217@gmail.com

3) Qualifications


The primary duty is teaching English. All applicants must have a masters degree or higher. Preference will be given to English, English Education, Education, Linguistics, or TESOL majors. A minimum of 2 years of teaching experience is required and university teaching experience is highly desirable. Applicants should demonstrate a dedication to teaching writing, conversation and the basics of academic and business English. This position also requires an instruction style that builds rapport with talented EFL/ESL learners.  


4) Main responsibilities


  1. The employee will teach 12-18 credit-hours per semester (a maximum of 18 credit hours will be allowed and, when exceeding 12 credit hours, extra fees will be paid).    
  2. The employee may be required to teach 1-2 conversation classes during the winter and summer breaks (extra fees will be paid).
  3. The employee must also participate in department activities.



5) Contract period


The contract is for one year, with the possibility of renewal (currently, there is no limit to the number of times the contract may be renewed).


6) Salary


The employee will be paid three million won each month of the 12-month contract, for a total of 36 million won (before applicable taxes and other deductions).


7) Housing

On-campus housing

  • -PNU can provide on-campus housing at Sangnam International House (SIH) or at Ungbigwan Dormitory. 

  • Off-campus housing

  • -Depending on PNU’s yearly budget, the university can provide the candidate with financial support toward monthly rental fees (the monthly housing allowance will not exceed 300,000 won).


  • 8) Health Insurance and National Pension


    The employee must join the National Health Insurance Plan of the Republic of Korea and the National Pension Plan. Insurance fees will be deducted from the employee’s regular pay each month during the contract period. The employee shall receive a pension according to the pension laws of Korea.


9) Employment insurance


The employee may join in Employment Insurance, based on the Employment Insurance Law of the Republic of Korea. The Insurance fee will be deducted from the employee’s regular pay each month. (Insurance for E1 visa and E2 visa holders is optional, but, for F2 visa and F5 visa holders, it is obligatory.)


10) Airfare


At the end of the final contract period, the employee shall be provided a one-way ticket (economy class) from Korea to the employee’s choice of any destination. The ticket should be purchased within 30 days after the contract finished and shall be paid to the airline, which the employee uses, via Government Transportation Request (GTR). PNU has no responsibility for paying for the employee’s ticket when the employee uses an airline which does not have a GTR contract with the Korean Government.


11) Vacation Days


The employee will earn a minimum three-week summer vacation and two-week winter vacation. The vacation schedule must be coordinated with the department chair to accommodate department needs during the break (e.g., a conversation class). 

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